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The Happiest Girl in the World
Director: Radu Jude
Year: 2008
Length: 1h40min
Format: SD, HD, SD, SD
Rights expire on: 1/31/23
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Delia, a young Romanian girl, comes to Bucharest with her parents to collect a prize she has won in a contest organized by a soft-drinks company. The prize is a beautiful new car. All Delia has to do now is appear in front of the camera in a commercial. All goes well until it becomes clear that Delia and her parents have very different ideas about what to do with the new car. Meanwhile, the contest's sponsor needs a radiant prize-winner with a gleaming smile. A wicked satire and a psychological portrait of a society perverted by its slavery to capitalism and consumerism. Written by Warsaw Film Festival


  • Andreea Bosneag: Delia Fratila
  • Vasile Muraru: Monsieur Fratila
  • Violeta Haret: Madame Fratila
  • Serban Pavlu: le réalisateur
  • Andi Vasluianu: l'opérateur


La Fille la plus heureuse du monde: 039151-SD-RO-FR_la-fille-la-plus-heureuse-du-monde.mp4Extrait happiest girl


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  • Rights expire on: 1/31/23
  • Color: color
  • Type: feature film
  • Director: Radu Jude
  • Screenplay: Radu Jude
  • Screenplay: Augustina Stanciu
  • Cinematographer: Marius Panduru
  • Sound: Titi Fleancu
  • Costume: Augustina Stanciu
  • Set decoration: Augustina Stanciu
  • Editing: Catalin Cristutiu
  • Producer: Ada Solomon